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President of Mr. Wu Fusheng

Dear friends:
       Welcome to Anhui Wanwei group limited liability company website, thank you for your attention, concern and love to this company! Thank you for choosing and using our company's products.
       Wanwei was founded in 1969, Wanwei people adhering to the” Science, Responsibility, Strict, Innovation” spirit, strive to create a fair justice management environment, strict work style, gratitude realm of thought, learning and innovation spirit. Through reform and opening up, withstand market test, the company from small to large, from weak to strong and now it's become the leader in the industry.
       People-oriented, strict management, it's experience we got from the market. For the vision of “ Tens of billions of wanwei”, implement the scientific outlook on development, accelerate the pace of development, improve the quality of development, try to become the dominant enterprise in the same industry.
       Honesty and credit management, is the founding purposes we consistent from beginning to end, staff happy, customer assured, shareholders satisfied, social accepted, it's the basic moral norms we obey in the market, try to establish the national brand product, it's our value orientation, determined to create excellent product, participate in international competition, to create a ner Wanwei having international vision.
       Innovation and harmony is the highest pursuit of Wanwei people. Innovation thinking, innovation organization, innovation management. Committed to develop the recycling economy and strive to full use of the resource. Adhere to the harmonious development, try to create a new way of business development and environment resource, users, employees mutual benefits.

       wanwei will be in more open and positive attitude to cooperate with customer, work together to create a mutual benefits, harmonious and beautiful future!